Specializing in Commercial Pools

Services include upgrades and repairs for all types and models of equipment. While we don't offer a weekly servicing program, We are your On-Call experts for those unexpected events and occasional immediate response repairs. 

Energy Efficiency

We take a "Whole Pool" approach to Energy Efficiency and proper operation. This includes your pump, filter, heater, plumbing, chemical control system and of course how you operate your pool.  We install the best in the market: Infinity Aquatic Energy Management System. 

Raypak Heater Repairs and Startup

Factory Trained Installation, Startup, Service, Annual maintenance and Authorized Warranty Service  for Xtherm, MVB and High Delta commercial heaters. 

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Vantage Calcium Hypo Chlorine System

Vantage competes with other Calcium Chlorine pellet system. The feeder has a bottom tank circulation system that continuously supplies clean pool water. Pellets are dissolved in the upper chamber and drip into the bottom chamber where they mix with the clean pool water being introduced into the pool piping. This is different than other units whereby a chlorine slurry is introduced into the pool piping. The slurry may cause operational problems within the unit. 


Solar Pool Water Heating

California has substantial rebates for Commercial Solar Pool Heating. We installed the largest pool heating system in the state. 450 Panels in Orinda. Many other systems as well.

C-53 & C-61/D-35 #785971

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An affiliation of professional pool contractors who specialize in commercial pool energy efficiency equipment, operation and upgrades.  


Total Job


We do the total job, we don't sell just the equipment and supplies. How the equipment is installed and commissioned can be just as important as it's purchase. We are here to support you after the installation. We are NOT distributors selling you exclusive equipment only available to them and then having an outside party install it.


Heavy Lift Contractor


Commercial pools are very different from Residential pools. Let our expertise augment your business. Call us in for a specific problem, we will work with and support you to help your customer in the background and then leave. Your customer remains your customer.